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Transition Support

Many businesses already know how to attract and hire skilled talent – but simply bringing new or relocated employees onto the team neglects the issues associated with such a transition. Learning an unfamiliar culture, settling into a new home, and uprooting family are only a few examples. Transition support seeks to address these concerns in order to help these individuals integrate smoothly and successfully. Without these worries or distractions, employees can perform to their full ability and focus on what matters: enjoying their new home.

Photo of Terry Camilli, LINC Client Services Manager, meeting with clients
Terry Camilli, LINC Client Services Manager, meets with clients to deliver resources and check in

Upon acceptance of an offer, LINC staff begin assisting hires and their families in their transition as soon as possible, becoming their point of contact for resources as well as community engagement. In helping the hire and their family adapt to their new community and all its quirks, LINC also serves as a confidential, safe forum for hires to ask questions and seek what support they need.

Providing this benefit to new and relocated hires helps to:

  • Restore a level of comfort and ease
  • Support quicker integration through built-in connections
  • Improve productivity

LINC offers a variety of services which may be used individually or in a variety of combinations to best meet the needs of employers and their candidates, new hires, and recently relocated employees. Services are meant to help every level of hire, from college graduates, graduate students and fellows up to professionals, managers, and high-level executives.

Community Transition – Level 1 – Early Career Professionals

Basic information helps everyone, but connections are the core of a strong community. On top of the basics, this service provides a more personal approach as well as personalized introductions to resources the hire needs. Once they arrive in the Lehigh Valley, they will receive personal introductions to local organizations to help them get socially and professionally connected.

Community Transition – Level 2

This service connects hires with a LINC coach one-on-one for a period of two months. During this time they receive resources and information tailored to their needs, enabling them to make confident, informed decisions about housing, schools, and more. This service is a good fit for:

  • singles
  • lower-level hires moving in from out of the area
  • grad students or fellows in career development

Community Transition – Level 3

This is a more in-depth, highly customized program that identifies and addresses all possible relocation matters that may affect an employee’s work performance, including more personal issues such as family concerns. Once referred, the new or relocated employee connects with a LINC Coach. As an expert in all things Lehigh Valley, the Coach uses personalized research to assist the individual and their family with every aspect of their move. The Coach does much of the background work in addition to answering personal questions, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for employees and their families.

Community Transition – Level 4 – Executive

A very high-level personalized service for executive professionals. All the support of community transition plus highly-customized services as requested (i.e. personal chef, personal assistant, personal trainer, and other customized services as requested). This service provides more time with a LINC Community Transition Specialist to meet all of the executive’s and their family’s needs.

International Relocation

This is a highly-customized, hands-on program for individuals making international moves.