The professional services offered by LINC are a tremendous asset to the recruitment and retention of Lehigh University employees…
This service is long overdue in the Valley, but so worth the wait.

Pat Mann, Director of Administration, Lehigh University Office of the Provost

LINC relieves the stress of moving to a new community and workplace by providing expert support and guidance that gives confidence to prospective employees and new hires. As a result, job candidates are more likely to accept a position in the Lehigh Valley and new hires are more likely to stay in their positions.

By leveraging our services, employers achieve increased success in their recruitment and retention efforts, in addition to the following results:

  • Augmentation of existing relocation benefits
  • Attraction of the best and brightest talent in a global talent pool
  • Increased new employee productivity and loyalty
  • Reduced premature employee turnover
  • Contribution to a more inclusive, multicultural community

LINC offers the following categories of service packages, each comprised of various levels.

Talent Attraction

LINC’s Talent Attraction services support job candidates through pre-hire consultations: one-on-one conversations in which a LINC Coordinator addresses any concerns impacting the candidate’s decision to accept the job offer. Offering this unique service early on in the recruiting process gives your organization a competitive edge in recruiting diverse, highly-skilled talent.

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Partner Career Support

Partner Career Support services provide assistance to accompanying partners in search of employment through attentive, customized job search guidance.

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Transition Support

Transition Support services provide support to newly relocated employees and their families in order to ease their transition, helping them feel truly at home in the Lehigh Valley.

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