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Partner Career Support

A prospective hire is excited about the position they’ve been offered with your company, but there’s just one problem: relocating for the job would mean their partner must find new employment. Sound familiar?

The accompanying partner dilemma is one of the biggest obstacles in employee retention, but our Partner Career Support programs help dual career couples overcome this issue. When an employee’s partner is referred for this service, a Career Coordinator works one-on-one with the partner depending on the level of need.

An accompanying partner seeking employment can benefit greatly from participating in the proactive, network-building process involved in our Partner Career Support programs. We help couples work smarter – not harder – by putting a career action plan in place before, during, and after their relocation to the Lehigh Valley.

Our partnering companies, higher education institutions, and organizations offer invaluable exposure through networking opportunities, professional guidance, and networking interviews.

Building connections is what we do. Partners engaged in our Partner Career Support program gain access to a wealth of strategic networking opportunities – and with numerous surveys revealing that up to 85% of job positions are filled via networking1, the advantage of LINC Partner Career Support services is clear.

My upcoming jobs are a testament to the power of connections and the great job you do!

Marija, LINC Community Transition + Partner Career Support client

Who is Eligible?

Any partner of an employee pursuing job relocation with your organization is eligible to receive Partner Career Support services. Once referred, a Career Coordinator will guide the partner through a strategic course of action designed around their personal professional goals.

How Can Partner Career Support Services Benefit Your Organization?

60% of marriages are dual-income2 – meaning your talent attraction efforts are likely to be impacted by partner career concerns. Partner Career Support attends to this problem so that your organization’s recruitment and retention process can succeed, unencumbered.

A strengthened recruitment and retention process also means improved ability to attract diverse talent. Leveraging LINC’s Partner Career Support services means increasing the diversity, inclusion and social responsibility of our businesses and communities.

LINC Partner Career Support services also offer invaluable resources and benefits, such as:

  • Premiere access to a pool of highly-skilled, diverse talent with a predetermined commitment to staying and working in the Lehigh Valley
  • Recognition from prospective candidates as an attractive employer ready to go above and beyond for employees
  • Increased staff mobility
  • Cost reduction resulting from decreases in assignment refusal and early return
  • Status as an institution proactively supporting and engaging in diversity initiatives

1. Lou Adler, “New Survey Reveals 85% of All Jobs are Filled Via Networking”, (LinkedIn), 2016
2. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment Characteristics of Families Summary”, (United States Department of Labor), 2019