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As a new or relocated hire moving to the Lehigh Valley there are many challenges that individuals and families face. One of those is finding life resources. What many take for granted is often a challenge when moving to a new area. LINC connects new people to the area with those resources. And although Google is great – it does not include vetted resources with an introduction to a person.

Life Resources

A successful transition into the community comes through these critical resources*:

  • Schools, preschools, and daycares
  • Grocery stores and specialty food stores
  • Realtors and mortgage brokers
  • Apartments/house rentals
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Contractors and other household services
  • Automotive services
  • Furniture and antique stores
  • Hair/nail salons and spas
  • Gyms and personal trainers
  • Pet resources (e.g. vets, dog parks, sitters)
  • Professional services (e.g. accountants, financial planners, attorneys)
  • Special needs services (e.g. intermediate unit support, specialty dentists, after-school care, local support organizations)
  • Family activities
  • Day trips
  • Summer camps
  • Transportation
  • Music, dance, theatre
  • Sports and recreation
  • Places of worship and religious organizations
  • Volunteer organizations and opportunities

Life Connections

Equally as important to basic resources are connections into the community. Building relationships with people is paramount to the transition. LINC will make that one-on-one connection to like-minded individuals and families whether it’s a neighbor in the same development, a similar profession or passion.

These connections may include already established communities. If you are looking for Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other organizations, LINC has personal connections (if we do not, we will make one). LINC Client Managers will also introduce newly relocated people to individuals at the Chamber, Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley or other community-based organizations.

LINC also has an Ambassador program that connects newly relocated hires and their families to volunteers who are committed to helping bridge gaps and create community.

*If you are a service provider and would like to be considered a resource (Community Partner) and advertise on the LINC website, please contact us.