About Us

LINC is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting employers, relocated employees and the community in matters of partner career, integration assistance and diversity and inclusion.

LINC is a talent attraction and onboarding resource that assists regional employers in attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent from all over the world. We do this by providing solutions for your new and relocated employees at every level of hire (from college graduates, residents, and fellows up to C-suite executives) including:

Our unique workforce services are designed to support employers in addressing non-compensation and non-job factors that influence a potential and new hires external stresses of moving. This highly valued support from employers differentiates them from their competition by delivering key onboarding and policy solutions that address:

  • The complex issues that new and relocating employees face when moving to a new area
  • The importance of having a partner career support policy as part of the attraction and retention of key talent

Having policies in place that address and alleviate the external stresses that potential, new, and relocated employees often face early on allows employees to focus on transitioning into their new workplace.

The result?

Employees benefit from heightened productivity while their employers’ recruiting and retention efforts become more effective as well.

of employers have increased the job performance of their assignees by offering partner career support.

Our History

In 2014 a group of Lehigh Valley cross-industry employers came together to discuss a regional approach to the recruitment and retention of highly-skilled diverse talent. The concept was borne out of a National Science Foundation ADVANCE Grant to address recruitment and retention of diverse talent in higher education.

LINC was created to enhance the hiring process on a personal level. LINC addressed common problems encountered by regional employers across all industries: a candidate’s decision is heavily impacted by personal, non-business, non-job related considerations – making attracting diverse, highly-skilled talent to the Lehigh Valley a challenge exceeding the scope of traditional hiring strategies. A new, unique talent attraction and onboarding model was created as a collaborative, regional, cross-industry approach.

This model was based on national studies, research conducted with senior-level executives, and surveys of hires new to the Lehigh Valley, and an underlying service structure was implemented. On May 4, 2015 LINC opened its doors and began working with regional employers and organizations who share the understanding that supporting new hires in their transitions brings growth and success for all involved.

LINC is a group of employers banding together to solve a common problem.

Christopher Donigan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, B. Braun Medical Inc.

Our Goals

  • To increase the visibility of the Lehigh Valley as an attractive career and life destination, both on personal and professional levels
  • To be recognized as an exceptional human resource solution that supports regional employers in attracting and retaining the best talent from all over the world
  • To promote the recruitment of women in STEM, create a more diverse workforce, and increase the number of highly-skilled and highly-educated employees in the Lehigh Valley