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Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

To enhance recruiting and retention efforts of employers seeking highly-skilled, diverse talent in the Lehigh Valley

To educate Lehigh Valley organizations on diversity and inclusion as well as best practices for building an inclusive culture where diverse talent can flourish

To provide services to smaller organizations, companies and regional non-profits in need of recruitment and retention support through a gifting program

Our Vision Statement

Communities and workplaces where everyone feels welcome, gets rooted, and thrives

Our Mission Statement

To foster trusted connections that attract and support newcomers as they transition to our community while helping advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations

Equity & Inclusion Statement

Consistent with its vision and mission, LINC has an important role to play as a catalyst for, and in support of, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As we assist those relocating to the Lehigh Valley through transition services, networking opportunities, and professional and community connections, we create bonds among people of diverse backgrounds.

LINC stands committed to the betterment of workplaces and our community at large. We will listen and learn as we advance and support a more diverse community. We will also continue to encourage structural transformations in our workplaces to advance inclusion throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Our Values


We are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives we touch.


We foster a solutions-oriented approach by developing services customized to meet specific needs.


We are committed to exceeding expectations in all areas of service.


We believe in empowering amazing people to make informed decisions that strengthen workplaces and communities.


We believe in finding balance in both work and life.