Talent Attraction

In an increasingly global, competitive job market, attracting ideal candidates requires innovative strategies. Now more than ever, the decision to apply for, accept, and relocate for a job depends on a variety of factors. The appeal of a position is no longer based solely on the professional details. Compensation and responsibilities may be the foundation, but applicants also take personal life details into consideration. Will the Lehigh Valley be an enjoyable place to live? How much does this prospective employer care about its employees? Will their accompanying partner be able to find a new job? LINC’s Talent Attraction service packages are designed to address these concerns, enhancing your company’s recruitment process.

LINC strengthens employers’ talent attraction process through our Pre-hire Consultation service packages. These consultations take place during the recruitment phase, addressing the pivotal factors and obstacles influencing a candidate’s decision. A LINC Program Coordinator confidentially and thoroughly identifies and responds to the candidate’s questions, concerns, and needs. Whether related to family, lifestyle, or partner career, because these conversations are private, candidates feel safe to raise such concerns freely. This support makes candidates feel valued by the employer, and empowers them to make informed decisions with regard to their job offer and more. LINC also uses this time to discuss the comprehensive services available to them upon acceptance of a job offer.

Recruits or job candidates of all levels are eligible to receive Pre-hire consultation services. Pre-hire service packages come in three levels:

Tier 1

Duration of consultation: 1 hour

Tier 1 provides candidates with an introduction to the Lehigh Valley through a basic questionnaire to assess their needs, followed by a one-on-one conversation with one or more LINC Program Coordinators. After the consultation, the client receives a USB containing basic information essential to relocation.

Tier 2

Duration of consultation: 3 hours (does not include travel costs)

Tier 2 provides a more customized approach through an in-person, one-on-one conversation with a Program Coordinator in which candidates’ personal concerns and interests are identified. These needs are then addressed at a high level, and the potential hire will receive information about some of the resources available in the Lehigh Valley that meet their needs. Some of the needs discussed may include children’s resources, elder care, and other private concerns that may require more specific resources.

This consult may also serve as a brainstorming session to help weigh pros and cons. Due to the confidential nature of our consultations, we are able to dispel any misinformation as well as reassure the candidate that transition support may be available to them upon acceptance of an offer.

Tier 3

Duration of consultation: 1 day (does not include travel costs)

Tier 3 includes all the features of Tier 2, in addition to an in-depth, personal look into the area and what is available to the candidate. This includes a full day of touring areas of interest, lunch or dinner at a local restaurant, and a detailed, customized conversation with a Program Coordinator based on their response to the intake questionnaire. This is service package is well-suited to candidates vacillating about accepting a job position. A connection to a LINC Ambassador is also available upon request.