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How It Works


LINC provides expert connections and resources to help individuals and families moving to the Lehigh Valley get rooted in the community and build lasting relationships.

We partner primarily with employers to provide community transition support to new hires because community connections raise retention, which can save organizations money, increase productivity, and lead to a happier, healthier community.

Getting started with LINC is easy.

Refer Candidates and New Employees for Talent Services

If you are using LINC services for the first time, fill out the CONTACT US form.

Once you have access to our referral system, you can submit requests for pre-hire, community transition, and partner career services at any time.

Encourage Employee Engagement

LINC services are rare and new to most employees. Having an advocate and guide to support hires and their families step by step through the relocation process, with a focus on creating a sense of welcome and belonging, is unique. We rely on employers setting the stage with employees to showcase what they can expect and encourage them to respond to our Client Services team.

Employers that actively encourage their hires to engage with LINC experience greater overall participation in services, as well as more employee benefit and satisfaction.

Support Accompanying Partners

Many hires have a partner/spouse who is in need of a career. Through LINC connections with employers and community organizations, accompanying partners who are looking for a job are networked with decision makers and given individualized job search support (resume refresh, cover letters, interview prep, etc). The goal is to accelerate professional networking opportunities to help accompanying partners find jobs faster.

Usually it takes 6 months to find a new job, and on average, LINC cuts that time in half.