How It Works


The foundation of LINC is collaboration with employers, new hires and their families, community partners, and sponsors. The Lehigh Valley is making a concerted effort to cross industries, communities, and cultures. It is a regional approach to talent acquisition and workforce retention.

When LINC becomes a core part of the talent acquisition and employee retention process, employers are able to:

Leverage a Partnership of Support, Resources, and Employers

LINC works closely with employers as a part of their recruitment and retention efforts. When LINC is systemic to this process from interview to on-boarding it leads to greater success in engagement and impact with your new, recent and relocated hires.

RECRUITING: The services become an integral part of your hiring process through a joint effort of your recruiters, search committees, hiring managers and/or human resources team. In order to best facilitate and support your current efforts, we engage all stakeholders within an organization/company. This includes executives, high-level managers, and those recruiting and hiring. It is the systemic understanding from the top down that allows the service to become a part of the process.

RETENTION: It begins with incorporating LINC as part of the onboarding process. If LINC was part of the pre-hire process; then the transition is simple because your new or relocated employee already knows what to expect. Once an offer is accepted, LINC receives a referral and reaches out to the hire. Having support to ease transition into his/her new home and integration into the community is a critical part of retaining your highly skilled diverse talent.


Employers take an active role as a partner of LINC. Once your company/organization refers a hire into the LINC system via our web portal, that person and/or their family becomes a LINC client, but the teamwork continues.


Networking is a critical piece of the retention puzzle. Companies, organizations and community partners are all connected in the LINC network to support your hires and the accompanying partners.

Many hires also have a partner/spouse who is in need of a career. These partners are networked with decision makers through networking meetings and other professional networking opportunities to expand their network allowing them to find jobs faster.


LINC has designed a method of support for your hires. Connections to resources, one-on-one Ambassador support, personal introductions to schools, organizations and invitation to community and LINC events means your new, recent and relocated hires are building and getting rooted in the community. We have solutions for every level of hire.

A Measure of Success in Recruitment and Retention!

Through on-going updates and reports, the LINC team works with employers to measure success. A robust database allows us to track engagement, garner feedback, and build a dual career infrastructure with employers to improve the engagement of professional and social connections. It is through this collaborative network that employers can maximize engagement on a personal and professional level.