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Unlocking Potential: How LINC’s Talent Attraction Services Can Boost Business

Today’s job market is competitive. Top candidates are searching for more than an enticing offer; they’re looking for communities where they can picture a life for themselves and their families. Talent attraction services are a great way to bridge the gap between a job offer and a long-term employee. LINC offers these services to address potential employees’ concerns, further your company’s recruiting goals, and, in turn, improve your business. 

What are talent attraction services? 

Talent attraction is a part of a comprehensive business strategy for talent acquisition. It diversifies and strengthens applicant pools by connecting candidates with a support team to explore the community and social factors that might result in them turning down an otherwise attractive job offer. LINC utilizes talent attraction to build specific solutions for a candidate’s individual concerns about moving to a job in a new place. These services are all about attracting great employees and retaining them by supporting them inside and outside of work. 

What do talent attraction services look like at LINC? 

At LINC, our talent attraction services are available in four tiers, varying in the amount of support provided to new hires. The tier that’s right for you depends on your business needs and where the candidate is in the process. Whether they’re in a large candidate pool or down to the final two, LINC will tailor services to gain an understanding of them as people, not just as new hires.

Our services begin in the recruitment process when we first meet with a candidate. Consultations are scheduled and delivered conveniently to the potential hire, either virtually or in person.  Private consultations allow candidates to state their honest concerns, which we then address with specific solutions. Families are also included in these meetings; every family member is valued and accounted for when planning for the major decision that is moving. Tailored recommendations for where to stay, dine and explore during the hiring process make them feel more valued by the employer. Neighborhood walk-throughs, apartment tours, and school visits can also be scheduled at this time. With these services, we can partner with community leaders across the Lehigh Valley and build a more inclusive, supportive climate. 

How will talent attraction services improve my company? 

There are a multitude of ways that talent attraction services can make a positive impact on your business, reduced job turnover being one of them. Providing employees with support and solutions makes them more likely to stay longer. Additionally, if their lives outside of work are taken care of, they will experience less burnout and more fulfillment on the job. 

LINC’s talent attraction services have yielded impressive feedback, including: 

  • 96% of pre-hire clients saw their conversation with LINC as a valuable service in their interview/offer process 
  • 84% indicated that finding out about the Lehigh Valley makes them more interested in the job
  • 84% viewed the conversation with LINC as priceless or valuable as they considered their decision

Talent attraction services can also bring in a more diverse pool of applicants. Giving candidates confidence that they can build a life in the Lehigh Valley is key to attracting applicants from other regions. A broader hiring pool allows you to identify and hire the best candidates for your job. 

Implementing talent attraction services is a great way to show candidates and their loved ones you understand and care for them as a whole person beyond the knowledge and skills they bring to the team. Contact us to learn more about how LINC’s talent attraction services can transform your hiring process and advance your business goals today.