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From the Executive Director

Update From the Executive Director

By: Donna Cornelius

We are well into 2019 – hard to believe!  It has been quite a year so far!

  • First, we are happy to have Melanie Sanchez-Jones as our new Partner Career Client Manager! She has done a fantastic job of connecting the accompanying partners with employers for networking meetings, having bi-weekly calls and helping them market themselves!
  • Second, we are sad to announce that Tracie Spence is no longer with us! It is our loss. We will miss her, but her new community will love her!
  • Third, we have the wonderful opportunity to be working with 34 new clients! And we are getting ready to welcome another 49!

As LINC is in its 4th year of operations, we are seeing more and more opportunities.  Our goal is to assist everyone in making the Lehigh Valley home!  This is by building community!  There are many new efforts going on within LINC and with our Community Partners for people to connect! In 2019 we are committed to providing more engagement opportunities.  Our Ambassador Council is working hard to make these happen. From ladies’ night outs to our Monthly Adventure Destination (MAD) group to the summer picnic and family and young professionals’ events. We will also be hosting our annual “Get to Know the Lehigh Valley Trivia Night”! Be sure to check your inbox for invites and read through the newsletters for the latest happenings.

Now that Spring is here and Summer is around the corner there are a lot of ways to get connected so be sure to like our social media, join the LINC What’s App and reach out to the staff and your Ambassador to see how to connect!

P.S. We are also working on some testimonial videos.  If you have found LINC to be helpful and supportive to your move or new career as an accompanying partner, we would love to record your testimonial.  Please reach out to me at