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Career Tips for Young Professionals

By: Stephanie Levits

Create your Lehigh Valley! The possibilities are truly endless. As you embark on this exciting (and admittedly scary, nerve-racking) chapter of your life; I encourage you to invest in yourself professionally, socially, and emotionally. As a young professional who moved to the Lehigh Valley nearly 10 years ago; I know firsthand what it’s like to build a career and a social life from scratch in a new town.

GO SWIMMING! Dive into this new opportunity headfirst; soak up everything your employer can teach you and has to offer. It will be challenging, but anything new we learn is a challenge at first. That’s how we know we are growing. Navigate through our Valley using LINC as a guide to help explore everything it has to offer. You’ll uncover places and things that will stretch your comfort zone, but ultimately make you feel more ‘at home’.

FIND YOUR VOICE – And don’t lose it. As you settle into your company and community, find ways to make an impact. Raise your hand to volunteer, ask questions, offer insights. Do not let your ‘newness’ or years of experience obstruct your opinions and ideas. Be intellectually curious! Employers see great value from young professionals’ perspectives.

BE SOCIAL (in person)! The best thing I did to invest in ‘me’ when I moved here was engage in our local Chamber of Commerce. They have a young professionals council (YPC) that meet regularly to network and provide programming to help the area’s professionals grow personally and professionally. I have built great working relationships and amazing friendships. Your employer may have their own employee resource groups; too!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The Lehigh Valley is home to such a diverse network of people. It has so much to offer its young professionals. I encourage you to take ownership in writing this exciting chapter, leaving all excuses at the door. Your employer, community partners, and a huge population of fellow young professionals already surround you. This network exists and is ready to meet you with open arms. It is your time to make it happen!