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Post Move Checklist: Things to Consider

Moving can be overwhelming and daunting. It has so many moving parts that some things may fall through the cracks.  Now that you are here, use this quick post-move checklist to ensure a successful transition. This short checklist will help you finalize any items that you may have forgotten.

Department of Motor Vehicles/Automotive (DO NOT DELAY! THIS MUST BE DONE!)

☐ Update/change driver’s license within 60 days of establishing residency. You MUST have a physical social security card when going to the DMV.  Definition: ‘establishing residency’ is once you have moved into an apartment/house. This includes temporary housing.

☐ Register your out of state vehicles within 20 days of getting your driver’s license; complete state


☐ Get an EZ Pass – No Cash Accepted At Tolls! there are many toll roads in this and surrounding states. You can go online ( or go to a retail location (Giant and AAA) to receive a transponder. You will then have to go online to register.

General Items

☐ Check to make sure all your utilities are turned on:

  • Water
  • Power
  • Gas
  • Cable/Internet
  • Sewer
  • Trash

Inspect your apartment to see if there are any marks or broken items that were there before you moved in. Take pictures and report any issues to your apartment management team so you are not responsible for these damages when you move out.

☐ File all your moving paperwork including bill of lading and any receipts. (These may be useful for tax deductions.)

☐ Establish bank accounts as well as car and home/renter’s insurance.

  • Bundle insurance for home and auto to receive additional discounts.
    • Even if you are renting be sure you are covered.

☐ Contact the Post Office for Change of Address form or use their online form.

Inform the following of your new address:

  • Friends and family
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Credit Cards

☐ Find health care providers

  • Transfer medical records

Find closest urgent care near you


☐ Change locks if you buy a new home.

☐ Check your heating source:

  • For safety purposes know how to turn off the water and power to your home including electric, water heater, fuel oil tank (if applicable) and gas.
  • Check your smoke alarms and ensure you have a fire extinguisher
  • Electric – you have options in service providers.  Be sure to check:

☐ Hire a pest control company and fireplace/furnace specialists to clean fireplaces, furnaces, etc. (If renting, verify that your landlord takes care of this.)


☐ Identify grocery stores, markets, fitness centers, malls, etc. near you.

☐ Register your child(ren) with your local school district or pre-school. (Pre-schools register in the Spring so be sure you have proper care for your child/children.) You may need to request transcripts from prior school for new school. Most districts have on-going enrollment.

Community and Resources

☐ Start making connections in your new community (greet your neighbors, church members, etc.)

☐ Get to know the Lehigh Valley:

☐ Pets

  • Find a veterinarian
  • Dogs require County licensing

☐ Update voter registration:

  • Online Application:

  • Mail-In Application Form:

  • Northampton County Government Office (669 Washington St, Easton, PA 18042)
    • Website:

  • Polling Place List