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Talent Pipeline

We have all heard that nothing in this world is free – at LINC that is NOT TRUE!

Free Talent Pipeline!

When organizations in the Lehigh Valley hire or relocate talent, these employees are often joined by an accompanying partner seeking employment in the Lehigh Valley.

LINC works with these accompanying partners in search of employment; as a result, we offer employers a FREE talent pipeline. LINC markets these accompanying partners to employers in both the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas as well. LINC also connects these individuals to hiring managers in their field.

Find Your Next Hire

  • Access our employer portal, where you can find talent to match your organization’s needs. Not already connected to the LINC portal? You can request access to this exclusive source of incoming talent. Click here to learn how to Get LINC’d.
  • Get to know our partner career clients. Once you are connected with LINC, you can Get LINC’d and access their profiles.
  • Join our email list. We routinely inform local employers of our clients who are actively seeking jobs. Click here to stay informed about our partner career clients.

LINC does not charge any recruiting fees. We work with employers of any size, as well as recruiters in order to provide the broadest network possible. We depend on every size of employer in every industry to set-up networking meetings. If you would like to join our group of Networking Interviewers (note: these are not job interviews, but networking meetings), then CONTACT US today!