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The areas with the greatest skills shortages are those that most need a talent strategy. Overall, we’re seeing the competition for top talent continue to heat up, and skills shortages are part of the fuel…for example…overall talent strategy around strong culture, unique benefits, and enhancing and leveraging its employment brand.

Kathleen Quinn Votaw, Founder and CEO of TalenTrust and author of Solve the People Puzzle: How High-Growth Companies Attract and Retain Top Talent

Accepting a new job is a significant life decision, especially if it requires relocation. Such a significant change is not only challenging – it’s life changing. This stress can sway a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer, as well as impede a newly relocated employee’s integration into their new community and workplace. When candidates and newly relocated employees are held back by these issues, employers’ recruitment and retention rates suffer.

LINC offers solutions to these problems through our wide array of service packages.


How do you stand above your competition to “Get the Yes” from candidates with a specific skill set?

Integrate a talent acquisition strategy that brands you as an employer of choice.

Recruiting in a global marketplace means increased competition – and the need to differentiate your company in order to find the highly-skilled talent you are seeking.

Incorporating LINC as an integral part of your talent acquisition strategy sets you apart as an employer who:

  • Uses an innovative recruiting model
  • Delivers a unique onsite recruitment experience
  • Recognizes the value of work-life balance, as well as how life can impact work
  • Understands the importance of creating a culture supportive of transition and inclusion, both in the workplace and in the community

We use LINC as a branding tool. We want everyone who comes here to have the best experience possible. Those who are recruited are saying that having LINC as part of the visit was the best experience. When they go back home, even if we do not make them an offer, we want to know they are telling everyone what a great company we are.

Vice President of Engineering, Lehigh Valley Company


Off-the-shelf estimates are available, which might set the cost of an entry-level position turning over at 50 percent of salary; mid-level at 125 percent of salary; and senior executive over 200 percent of salary.

Bill Conerly, Forbes Magazine

Every organization works diligently to retain talent. Across the country, those retention strategies and efforts are primarily internally focused. Companies maintain a working environment to support their workforce through creating unique corporate cultures, work incentives, monetary bonuses and work/life balance initiatives – all to enhance job satisfaction and reduce turnover costs, such as hiring and training new staff.

But what if the problem isn’t just internal? At the end of the day an employee goes home. How well that employee is engaged in the community has just as big an impact on retention. Today’s employee retention models might consider the LINC model to drive retention and solve hiring issues. Our approach drives retention and solves hiring through a unique non-job component offered as part of an onboarding benefit – a benefit that sets employers apart from their competition.

Investing in retention by partnering with LINC means:

  • Implementing a talent acquisition and retention tool that considers both the direct and indirect costs of hiring a professional
  • Employees recognize that they are valued by their employer
  • Unique onboarding support for new employees, boosting the employer’s reputation
  • Increased productivity and learning rate among new hires
  • Supporting “goodwill” in the community as a whole
  • Significant financial savings in turnover costs

I want to put this information before you that LINC has provided great help to me and my family in looking for right schools and finding right job for my wife. I will say that this has been one of the best parts of packages which B. Braun provided and I am really thankful to B. Braun for that.

LINC Client

Differentiate: Set Your Employer Brand Apart with LINC

LINC collaborates with employers in a unique way in order to recruit highly-skilled diverse talent from all over the world. Using non-monetary perks and programs, LINC helps employers support potential and new hires, resulting in increased retention and performance. This innovative approach WILL set the Lehigh Valley apart in a globally competitive marketplace.

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