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A strong sense of community and belonging is built on one key element: personal connections. As an organization that celebrates the power of connections, we present our LINC Ambassadors: volunteers committed to helping Lehigh Valley newcomers get involved in their communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the LINC Ambassador Program is to ease transition through one-on-one, face-to-face connections and social networking opportunities. As a result, clients engaged in this program benefit from the following:

  • Establishment of multiple points of contact
  • Social and professional support
  • Improved experience of the Lehigh Valley

What is a LINC Ambassador?

LINC Ambassadors are volunteers who are familiar with and highly involved in the Lehigh Valley. They are enthusiastic about using their knowledge to help others feel at home, and after completing a background check and comprehensive training, they are paired with a client based on their similarities. (For example, a client in their 20’s who enjoys outdoor sports might be introduced to an Ambassador who is close to their age and also enjoys outdoor sports.)

Ambassador responsibilities include:

  • Providing opportunities to Lehigh Valley newcomers get off to a good start in the community
  • Representing the LINC organization as well as the Lehigh Valley
  • Developing a personal connection to help educate potential or recent hires about the area
  • Helping clients and/or their family members settle into the area, leveraging their own experiences and existing connections

Our Ambassador Council

Marie Arnold
Erin Coffey
Terry Camilli
Scott Hanton
Tara McBrearty, Ambassador Council Chair
Michael Millo, Ambassador Coordinator
Lisa Youngkin Rex