Donna Cornelius

Donna Cornelius is the Chief Growth & Development Officer (CGDO).

Her career with LINC expands eight years as she built, ran and grew LINC for the last eight years. Her knowledge and experience will continue to drive her focus to expand LINC’s footprint and support more employers in the Lehigh Valley.  She will also be focused on the regional growth of LINC.

Prior to building and joining LINC she owned her own consulting company, WriteWorks Company for nearly 14 years. The company focused on marketing, project and content management. Her clients represented a multitude of industries. She also consulted and managed projects for large companies like Lexis Nexis, T-Mobile and H&R Block, mid-level companies, as well as working with non-profit organizations.

During the growth of LINC Donna received her certification in Culture Competency, she is a Certified Biblical Counselor and has completed and now coaches transformational leadership trainings. These trainings and certifications contribute to the growth and success of LINC.

In the last two years Donna has added Business Mentoring, leadership training, speaking and teaching to her list of accomplishments.

Whether consulting, managing, or coaching, she applies the same principles: Perspective, Goals, and a Strong Plan that results in success. Her self-proclaimed title of “People Broker” is what drove her to accept the Lehigh University’s National Science Foundation Supplement Grant position. She was hired to build the LINC organization in collaboration with an amazing task force of regional employers and stakeholder executives. Donna believes that collaboration is what excels all in a positive direction.

As an accompanying partner spouse” through nine moves, she understands the challenges and obstacles of transition­ing to a new community, profession, and life. Her passion to turn obstacles into opportunities, and her passion for people, is what drives her to support and lead LINC and all of her businesses with the expectation that all things are possible. Whether working with the regional employers on solutions for recruitment and retention, coaching leadership trainings, speaking, or one-on-one coaching there is one thread that remains the same: It starts with a vision. It continues with transformation: Cast It, Define It, Develop It, Build it. Live it!

Donna earned a B.A. degree in Marketing with a minor in Business Administration from Anderson University in Anderson, IN. Donna and her husband Larry live in the Lehigh Valley. They have a daughter who is an entrepreneur like her Mother and owns a highly successful spa in Easton, and two grown sons. One is an Easton Police Officer and a Sargent in the National Guard; and the youngest son is preparing to go into the Army full-time.