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Workplace Inclusion in an Election Year

This roundtable discussion will grapple with the topics of workplace inclusion and belonging amidst the deepening politicization of DEI, heightened religious conflict, and the tensions that often arise during an election year. In an era where political landscapes can create unique challenges for organizations looking to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging, panelists will share strategies and best practices for maintaining an inclusive workplace environment in an era where civil discourse seems a lost art.

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Building Relationships and Faith-Friendly Workplaces

We want to understand how to best serve those from marginalized backgrounds who make the move to the Lehigh Valley. To get started, myself and our Community Transition team, sat down with Murtaza Jaffer, Partner at EBC Printing & Signs, and LINC DEI Council member to learn how we can promote and develop faith-friendly workplaces in the Lehigh Valley to support our Muslim identifying colleagues.

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Local Spotlight: Introducing LINC's Newest DEI Council Member

Please join us in welcoming Jessica Liu, DEI Program Manager at Lehigh Valley Health Network, to LINC’s DEI Council. 

Read below to learn more on Jessica’s journey to DEI and her hopes for her time serving on LINC’s DEI Council:

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Meet LINC's DEI Program Manager

Meet LINC’s DEI Program Manager, Krissi Echevarria! Krissi has been with LINC since July, 2022. She started with LINC, serving relocating Young Professionals and nurses, as a Client Services Specialist.

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Leadership Reflections: LINC Inclusion Summit

It was an action-packed day with great speakers, facilitators, and a bit of networking and fun. As feedback showed, the Summit wasn’t all talk. It was compelling folks to take action on what they learned.

I shared in my opening remarks that quality of life is the top driver of why talent moves to a new area. And that our workforce today is not only looking for a job they love, instead they want a job that allows them to enjoy where they live.

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Local Spotlight: Introducing LINC's DEI Council Members

LINC is working to collectively promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Lehigh Valley. Our DEI Council is made up of regional leaders, working together to support Lehigh Valley employers in advancing and sustaining their DEI Initiatives. For our next feature, we connected with Dr. G. Christopher Hunt of Moravian University. Dr. Hunt spoke with us about his experience in DEI and his motivations to serve on LINC’s DEI Council 

Here is what he had to say: 

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Local Spotlight: Introducing LINC’s DEI Council Members

LINC is working to collectively promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Lehigh Valley. Our DEI Council is made up of regional leaders, working together to support Lehigh Valley employers in advancing and sustaining their DEI Initiatives. We connected with two members of out DEI Council, Brenda Rosado and Kristine Maciolek Small, about their motivations to serve on LINC’s DEI Council and the importance of this work.

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Leadership Reflections on DEI

How can we as leaders (we are all leaders) deepen our understanding and build our collective muscle to disrupt and interrupt all the -isms we observe and experience in our workplaces and communities?

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Leadership Reflections – Being in Community 

Hear from LINC’s President and COO, Katelyn Mack, about creating a Community focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Local Spotlight: Introducing LINC’s DEI Council Co-Chairs

In 2019, LINC asked an incredible set of Lehigh Valley leaders to join a DEI Council with the goal of helping LINC support local employers to advance their DEI strategies and practices and to connect employers with each other and with resources to make transformation possible.

We sat down with the two co-chairs, Scott Blair and Orville Trout, to learn more about them. 

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A New Take on Onboarding in a Remote World

It appears that remote is our new normal – at least some aspects of it. As employers continue to hire there are new considerations when recruiting, hiring and onboarding in a virtual world.

As a resource for employers, LINC has actually seen an increase in recruiting and hiring from many of our regional employers. Hiring is happening, but the hires may not be moving to the area just yet – and if they do make the move while still working remote, the isolation of a new area is even more intense during the pandemic. As an organization we get very creative in creating connection and engagement opportunities for new hires.

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Remote Work - Counting the Costs

We are still here and the new norm is to work remotely from home. As companies make shifts in how they are conducting business and who is onsite and who is remote, it seems work and life are in a state of flux. But what is the long term impact? 

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Recruiting in the Virtual Age

Working from home…virtual meetings…recruiting in a virtual world. The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we believe it will also go down as the beginning of an opportunity – changing how business is done – starting with recruiting.

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Companies Flexing In Response To The Corona-Virus and Possibly The Future

This article did not start out about the Corona-virus, but as we wrote this it became abundantly clear that flexible hours and remotely working is the reality of today’s world. As we are all experiencing, for businesses today there is a new norm. In order to be productive companies and organizations realized the need or urgency to work with the change. Because as the saying goes, “What you resist – persists.”

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Update From the Executive Director

We are well into 2019 – hard to believe!  It has been quite a year so far!

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Lisa Youngkin Rex

This issue’s ambassador spotlight is on Lisa Youngkin Rex, LINC Ambassador Council member and coordinator of LINC Ladies’ Night Out.

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Best Places to Enjoy Fall Foliage in the Lehigh Valley

As the temporary stages from Musikfest are taken down and the temperature drops, one might wonder if the energy in the Lehigh Valley wanes at the end of the summer. But, luckily for residents and visitors alike, the area famous for its summer and holiday attractions has many splendors to behold all throughout the fall season as well. And while it’s true that many outdoor attractions are winding down and closing up shop, the season for leaf peeping has only just begun.

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Lehigh Valley Happenings: September/October

Celtic culture enthusiast, beer lover, runner, or fan of all things spooky? No matter your interests, we’ve highlighted some upcoming Lehigh Valley happenings you won’t want to miss.

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You Should Know: Before You Go Trick-or-Treating

In the Lehigh Valley, it is likely that your neighborhood’s trick-or-treat night will not be on Halloween.

Check with your township so you know when trick-or-treat is in your area.

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Can't Miss Autumn Day Trips

It’s official: summer is over and autumn is here. Instead of feeling down about the end of summer, why not enjoy the changing weather and scenery with some fun and scenic day trips?

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Fall in Love with Pick-Your-Own Farms

Whether frolicking with family and friends or strolling hand-in-hand with a significant other, there’s something undeniably appealing about spending a day in the crisp autumn air, picking your own produce amidst a backdrop of brilliantly-colored leaves.

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Networking 101 – Where to Begin

No matter your goal, networking is a necessary skill. In fact, you’re probably doing it more than you realize.

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The Lehigh Valley: A Vortex of Pollen Problems for Allergy Sufferers?

Feel like your allergies have gotten worse since coming to the Lehigh Valley? You’re not alone.

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LINC Summer Scavenger Hunt

Be the first to complete our scavenger hunt by visiting six of the recommended attractions and receive a prize!

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Point Phillips Hotel Tavern & Smokehouse

Check out the latest featured Lehigh Valley hidden gem: Point Phillips Hotel Tavern & Smokehouse!

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Career Tips for Young Professionals

Learn what career tips Stephanie Levits, Talent Acquisition Manager at Crayola, has for young professionals.

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Jennifer Helton

The one statement we’ve heard since moving to Pennsylvania has been, “Why would anyone move from North Carolina to Pennsylvania?” So like every life-changing event, you approach it with excitement and wonder.

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