CEO/Executive Director: Donna Cornelius

Donna Cornelius brings both professional and personal experience to her role as Executive Director. She owned her own consulting company focusing on Project and Content Management for nearly 14 years. She has worked with large companies like Lexis Nexis, T-Mobile and H&R Block, mid-level companies as well as working with non-profit organizations. Whether consulting, managing, or coaching, she applies the same principles: Perspective, Goals, and a Strong Plan that results in success. Her self-proclaimed title of “People Broker” is what drove her to accept the Lehigh University’s National Science Foundation Supplement Grant project manager’s position one year ago. She was hired to build the LINC organization in collaboration with an amazing task force of regional employers and stakeholder executives. As a “trailing spouse” through nine moves, she understands the challenges and obstacles of transitioning to a new community, profession, and life. Her passion to turn obstacles into opportunities and her passion for people is why LINC isn’t a job, but an opportunity. Whether working with the regional employers on solutions for recruitment and retention or one-on-one with the clients there is one thread that remains the same:

It starts with a vision. It ends in transformation: Cast It, Define It, Develop It, Build it. Live it!

IT Services & Business Support Administrator: Patricia Sittikul

Patricia Sittikul is a student at Lehigh University studying Computer Science. After moving to the Lehigh Valley almost five years ago she quickly fell in love with the area in all its quirkiness and beauty. She develops and maintains the LINC portal, website, and software, and assists administration and marketing as well. Her interests include web development, graphic design/digital art, and human computer interaction. She is delighted to be a part of the LINC team and considers herself very lucky that she is able to contribute to such meaningful work.

Client Services Manager: Terry Camilli

Terry Camilli has over 15 years with Air Products as a marketing professional. Her broad experience working in a diverse multi-cultural employee and customer base will aid her in her new role as Client Services Manager. She highly values relationships and actively seeks to build those with partners, clients, and colleagues. Terry’s passion for marketing and people drives her to deliver business results while balancing a keen ability to listen and advise, with a kind, pleasant, nature.

As a Lehigh Valley resident for over 30 years, Terry’s knowledge and connections in the valley will enable her to support new hires and their families transitioning into the region. Her enthusiasm, tenacity, and can-do attitude create an environment that fosters integration and team collaboration. She is excited about the opportunity to acclimate future LINC clients into our community.

Partner Career Client Manager: Melanie Sanchez-Jones

Melanie Sanchez-Jones is passionate about helping others find jobs that allow them to bring the best of themselves to work. She has done this throughout her career as a manager at Air Products and as a consultant with The Professional Development Group. Her work in many different roles from engineering to human resources with people around the world, specifically in Western Europe, China, South Korea, and Singapore, has been rewarding because she enjoys connecting people to solve problems/seize opportunities.

She has been on the partner side of several relocations in the U.S. and China. She knows the joys and frustrations that such moves can create. Her understanding, optimism, and connections to many employers in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area are key to her work.

In her role at LINC, she bring energy and confidence to our clients as she walks with them through the job search process, which is highly customized for each client. Her favorite sayings are “YOU own your career” and “80% of jobs are found through your network.

Her goal is to guide LINC clients to jobs in our area where they can be their best, utilize their strengths, and thoroughly enjoy their work.

UX Design Consultant: Melanie Trammell-Wenger

Melanie Trammell-Wenger is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a Thesis Masters in Computer Science including an emphasis on Human Computer Interaction. For the last few years, Melanie has been growing as a User Experience Design professional through internships at SimonComputing, Research Innovations Inc and Silk Roads Professionals, as well as teaching Human Computer Interaction at the collegiate level. Through taking on work contracted under the DOD at RII and based abroad with Silk as the first woman in a technical role – she has learned a lot about designing with limited technology and user knowledge, along with how to navigate cultural differences and infrastructure challenges due to working at startups and overseas. At each of these ventures, Melanie has taken the initiative to not only take on increasing levels of responsibility and leadership in her craft but to also improve organization culture, collaboration, mentorship and community. Now that she has recently moved to the Lehigh Valley, she wants to bring that same passion and mobilization of change to invest in the communities around her. Specifically, as a LINC client and someone who believes in the value of their work, Melanie has joined the LINC team to give back to an organization that was an invaluable source to her and her husband getting acclimated to the Valley. In the long term, Melanie has aspirations to bridge the gap between local non-profits and meeting their technological needs in the wake of challenges with infrastructure and monetary funding.

Client Support: Sue McDermott